Organisation and contact

In 1959, the Läuferriege Edelweiss Mosnang (Mosnang Running Club) was founded, and since then, it has created an impressive history in the world of running. Already in 1960, we organized our inaugural race, laying the foundation for an annual tradition. From initial cross-country runs to Run/Bike events, our yearly race has evolved into today’s Schnebelhorn-Panoramatrail. 

Today, a dedicated 9-member organizing committee stands behind this running event, passionately and wholeheartedly engaging wih the running community. Our passion for the sport is evident in countless hours of volunteer work – a devotion that emanates from runners for runners. 

As you embark on your journey to Mosnang, I am confident that the sparks of enthusiasm will ignite within you. Moreover, I assure you: once you’ve joined us for a race, it will not be the last time!

Rita Hedley
President of the Organising Committee


President / Marketing / Information:
Rita Hedley
Vice-President / Course Director:
Karl Bürge
Hans Kuratli
Backoffice / Registrations:
Hansruedi Baumann
Administration / Approvals:
Anita Rüegg
Andrea Reichmuth, Bruno Wetter,
Jasmin Meier
Mägi Brändle