Kids- & Funraces

Friday, September 13, 2024

Kids Fun Race
2018 and younger

Selina Büchel Round
Age 2017 and older

Fun Relay
Children and adults

Fastest  Mosliger
16 and above

Friday, September 13 Program


Time Event Category Age Distance
18:00 Kids Fun Race Kids Boys 2018 and younger 400 m
18:05 Kids Fun Race Kids Girls 2018 and younger 400 m
18:10 Selina Büchel Round Students D 2016-2017 800 m
18:20 Selina Büchel Round Students C 2014 – 2015 800 m
18:25 Selina Büchel Round Students B 2012 – 2013 1600 m
18:35 Selina Büchel Round Students A 2009 – 2011 2400 m
18.50 Fastest Mosliger 2008 and older 800 m
19:00 Fun Relay Teams of three All ages 2000 m
19.30 Award Ceremony Including class raffle


Kids Fun Race

Start: Friday, September 13, 18:00 / 18:05 in Mosnang

Course: Fun Cours on the fields and red pitch

Entry fee: 10 CHF (Kids living in Mosnang start for free)

Age: 2018 and younger

For our youngest participants, an exciting obstacle course awaits on the sports field behind the hall. The course is designed to be easily manageable, and in case any motivation challenges arise during the race, parents, supervisiors, and fans are always close by!
Additionally, every child will receive a medal, and, as a special treat, each child will have the opportunity to choose their own prize from the gift temple!

Selina Büchel Round

Start: Friday, September 13, from 18:10 in Mosnang

Course: 800 m / 1600m / 2400m (depending on category)

Entry fee: 10 CHF (Pupils living in Mosnang start for free)

Age: 2009 – 2017

Our successful 800-meter runner and Olympian, Selina Büchel, grew up in Mosnang and competed in her first races with the Läuferriege Mosnang. In her honor, the student’s round is 800 meters. Participants will run one to three rounds based on their age. Who will come closest to Selina’s remarkable best time?

All participants will receive a natural prize and a medal.

Fun Relay

Start: Friday, September 13, 19:00 in Mosnang

Course: 2000m

Entry Fee: 36 CHF per team (Pupils living in Mosnang start for free)

Age: all ages (teams of three)

Challenging 3-person teams: clubs, families, companies, students, Facebook friends, or other acquaintances. The only requirement: at least one female participant per team!

Each team must complete a total of 6 laps on the sports field course.

Every runner must endure 2 laps. Each lap is only 400m long, but there are a few surprises along the way (easily achievable by everyone).

The first person starts in wellies, the second person navigates with a filled watering can, and the third person completes a shortened route on a hopping ball. Teams bring their own rubber boots; hopping balls and watering cans are provided. 

All teams will receive a natural prize (and a commemorativ prize).

The Fastest Mosliger

Start: Friday, September 13, 18:50 in Mosnang

Course: 800 m

Entry Fee: 12 CHF

Age: 2008 and older

Eligible participants include residents of the municipality of Mosnang, as well as employers, employees, club members, and citizens of Mosnang.
Run for glory and honor and win the challenge cup!

All participants will receive a commemorative prize.